I was watching this game with some of my friends on Saturday night. For the most part, this game was not that interested as the Golden State Warriors were blowing out the Oklahoma City Thunder. Most of the night, we spent time catching up on our lives and just cracking some jokes.

As I was planning to leave, Russell Westbrook starts yapping his mouth to Kevin Durant and things get interesting. The game intensified and soon after that heated exchange, there was another fight. The social media world was on fire pushing on the feud between the two superstars.

It raised the question to me, does basketball need a little bit more drama in it to create more viewers and mentions on social media. Soon after this moment, Sportscenter and many other accounts put this video up and got thousands of retweets and likes more than any other highlight play for the game.

I believe the NBA should pull off restrictions on NBA social media accounts, media, and players allow for drama. Viewers and social media users and people in general love entertainment and being able to add a little bit more to basketball allows for higher ratings which led to more viewers. It also allows for more mentions, likes and retweets to social media accounts. The NBA would benefit and earn more from it in the long run as well. They have a perception of being strict and boring but could be changed if they allow for this new change in entertainment.