All in all, I thought the Superbowl commercials were a big letdown but this Buick commercial was one I particularly enjoyed. To start off, the weekend was just such a bummer when you’re favorite team makes it to the Superbowl and loses the game after being up 28-3. It was absolutely heartbreaking.

However, while the falcons were up, this commercial came on and captured everyone’s attention. It started out being showing a beautiful Buick pulling up and the audience saying that there’s no way that it is Buick. The company brought on the element of surprise of beautiful their car truly is.

One of the parents looking said that if it was indeed Buick then my kid is Cam Newton. Well, what do you know, it is a Buick and Cam Newton is running the offense of a pee-wee football league. It turns into this hilarious scene of Cam Newton destroying all the children and throwing a touchdown pass.

The commercial was perfectly created for the Superbowl. Cam Newton is one of the best known football players in the game. To put him in a commercial during the biggest football game made him relateable to the audience. Buick was able to incorporate a football play in the commercial so it would be able to grab the viewer’s attention. I give the commercial a 10/10 for being able to hit the correct target audience. They also put a model, Miranda Kerr,in the commercial to help relate to the viewers who not as into the Superbowl but are just watching it for the sake of it.

If commercials are able to relate to the correct audience during a specific event, then a lot of commercials would be getting a lot more attention the way this Buick commercial did.