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Let the world know where you stand, Nike.

The commercial speaks for itself. Nike came out with commercial claiming its stand on the social issue of race. They find a way to trigger an emotional response from the viewer almost every single time. This is great push for their brand because people will support a brand that is in support of their personal stance on a social issue.

The commercial went on to show that the lines that we use in sports do not look act the color of the skin of the individual but of their actions between those lines. It was powerful to say the least. It really pushed me to want to buy something from them. Nike has been great with creating commercials with meaning and power. Brave to you Nike.






It is more than just basketball

I was watching this game with some of my friends on Saturday night. For the most part, this game was not that interested as the Golden State Warriors were blowing out the Oklahoma City Thunder. Most of the night, we spent time catching up on our lives and just cracking some jokes.

As I was planning to leave, Russell Westbrook starts yapping his mouth to Kevin Durant and things get interesting. The game intensified and soon after that heated exchange, there was another fight. The social media world was on fire pushing on the feud between the two superstars.

It raised the question to me, does basketball need a little bit more drama in it to create more viewers and mentions on social media. Soon after this moment, Sportscenter and many other accounts put this video up and got thousands of retweets and likes more than any other highlight play for the game.

I believe the NBA should pull off restrictions on NBA social media accounts, media, and players allow for drama. Viewers and social media users and people in general love entertainment and being able to add a little bit more to basketball allows for higher ratings which led to more viewers. It also allows for more mentions, likes and retweets to social media accounts. The NBA would benefit and earn more from it in the long run as well. They have a perception of being strict and boring but could be changed if they allow for this new change in entertainment.

The Superbowl commercials…or maybe just one.

All in all, I thought the Superbowl commercials were a big letdown but this Buick commercial was one I particularly enjoyed. To start off, the weekend was just such a bummer when you’re favorite team makes it to the Superbowl and loses the game after being up 28-3. It was absolutely heartbreaking.

However, while the falcons were up, this commercial came on and captured everyone’s attention. It started out being showing a beautiful Buick pulling up and the audience saying that there’s no way that it is Buick. The company brought on the element of surprise of beautiful their car truly is.

One of the parents looking said that if it was indeed Buick then my kid is Cam Newton. Well, what do you know, it is a Buick and Cam Newton is running the offense of a pee-wee football league. It turns into this hilarious scene of Cam Newton destroying all the children and throwing a touchdown pass.

The commercial was perfectly created for the Superbowl. Cam Newton is one of the best known football players in the game. To put him in a commercial during the biggest football game made him relateable to the audience. Buick was able to incorporate a football play in the commercial so it would be able to grab the viewer’s attention. I give the commercial a 10/10 for being able to hit the correct target audience. They also put a model, Miranda Kerr,in the commercial to help relate to the viewers who not as into the Superbowl but are just watching it for the sake of it.

If commercials are able to relate to the correct audience during a specific event, then a lot of commercials would be getting a lot more attention the way this Buick commercial did.

Apple…you’ve done it again.


I had absolutely no idea what I was going to blog about for my first post. On this long MLK weekend, I went on a cabin trip with 20 of my close friends to the Blue Ridge Mountains. This Apple commercial had shown up during a playoff game we were all watching between the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks (in which the Falcons won but that’s a topic for a different day). Most were on their phones, some were conversing with one another, and others were getting something to eat, but when this commercial came, I noticed that it grabbed everyone’s attention.

It was so peculiar and odd at first that it caught everyone’s attention and they all wanted to see what it was about. The guy dancing in the video was dancing sideways, upside down, and in odd various angles. Everyone was dead silent watching this guy make an array of spectacular moves and was in awe of how he was moving so quickly to the beat. After the commercial, we all talked about how cool his dance moves were but not only that, we all shared our opinion on the sole purpose of the commercial, the airpod headphones. Some talked about how they thought it was dumb that they made them wireless and other loved the innovative idea of the headphones. All on all, Apple did exactly what they wanted us to do…talk about the airpods.

Apple’s attention grabbing commercial was able to take a group of millennials, who are known to be the best at zoning out during commercials, and make every single person pay attention.¬†We are not always a huge fan of the products that Apple introduces to the world. However, they do a great job of making us talk about it and convincing at least someone in that room that they need it. Their continued success is a prime example of that and I applaud Apple for the detailed work in their commercials and hopefully I’ll be getting a pair of Apple airpod headphones soon.

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